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Mold Remediation

Mold RemediationHidden moisture and undetected water leaks contribute to the growth of mold in the homes of many Boxford, MA area residents. Not only does mold present a serious health hazard to all of the residents living in the house, it quickly decreases the home's value.

Leal Restoration is considered the area's premiere mold remediation specialist, thanks to their attention to providing consistently excellent customer service. Leal gets to the source of the problem, rather than simply skimming the surface when it comes to removing mold infestation. Their excellent quality of mold remediation work helps keep the value of the home intact in addition to removing dangerous toxins that cause adverse health effects.

Leal Restoration is proud to have assembled a team of mold remediation specialists who have years of experience and keep up with the latest technological advances regarding this specialty. Each of our technicians knows the importance of getting the job done as quickly as possible. Every technician does his job thoroughly, efficiently and effectively in order to save our client's from expending their valuable time and energy.

Proper mold remediation is never a do-it-yourself job. Leal Restoration has all of the professional equipment and tools necessary in order to completely and permanently remove all signs of mold infestation. We also know what types of mold to look for so that we can apply the proper remedy for its fast removal. We have a keen eye for finding undetected mold. Homeowners who suspect mold issues in their homes or attics, should contact Leal Restoration - before installing insulation - for fast, excellent and efficient service.

Here's What You Can Expect
From Your Mold Removal Job:

  • Assessment of the extent of mold
  • Removal of any damaged floor boards,
    wall boards etc that have been
    exposed to moisture and mold
  • Thorough cleaning of moldy surfaces
    for complete removal of spores
  • Complete drying of all affected surfaces
    to thwart the return of mold spores
  • Repair of damaged surfaces
  • Return to pre-existing condition

From Our Customers

"Marcus and his crew are truly lifesavers. On 2 occasions we have used their services and I cannot say enough about how quickly they responded and did a thorough and excellent job. We used them for mold remediation and pest eradication and removal (Yuck). Outstanding Service! Thank you Marcus !"
Sergio R in Lynnfield, MA
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